What is a blog?

  • The word "blog" comes from "web log" and is a web-based publication of periodic journal entries ("posts"), usually presented in reverse chronological order with the most current post appearing first. One way to think of a blog is as an online journal with one or many contributors.
  • Because a blog is a personalized, dynamic Web page, it is much easier to maintain and design than a traditional, static Web page.
  • Using a blog is similar to facilitating a focus group online.
  • An important feature of the blog is the interactive component: readers are invited to leave their own comments.
  • A blog is anything you want it to be; it's your opinion, your diary, your lesson plans, or your class's activities.
  • from Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works ,Howard Pitler, Elixabeth R. Hubbell, Matt Kuhn, and Kim Malenoski, p. 34, 2007.

Example Blogs

How do I get started?

Atomic Learning
Free tutorial to help you get started.

Educators can set up free blogs in seconds.

Free blogs!!!

21 Classes Cooperative Learning
Get your students blogging!

10 Ways to Use a Blog to Teach

(from edublogs.org)

Okay, now what?

The possibilities are endless. Use the blog for communicating with parents and making announcements. Show those quiet students how to have their voices heard. Post a question and have the students answer. Post sample math problems for test review. Provide links to items of related interested to the current topic of study. Use the blogs as an electronic student portfolio.

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